Selection Process

Asia’s Best Brand of the Year Awards is a well-reputed platform by industry experts, business leaders, and analysts working in diverse sectors and domains. They collectively appraise this as the most credible and well-distinguished title in the corporate sector.
The firm's size, profitability, and total turnover are not the criteria we judge. Your brand's potential to achieve excellence and to outshine peers put you in this race for this pride title. We, teamed with our proficient consultants, researchers, and strategists, have framed a well-transparent selection methodology that sorts out the best deserving brands and gives them markable opportunities to earn the appreciation and honor for their dedication and hard work which they put into reaching this pinnacle.

Striving to identify and honor the potential brand from all around the world, we follow a well-developed selection process which is explained in detail below:

1st Stage
First and foremost, we generate a diversified list of about 2000 brands from worldwide. Further, it is dispensed into 82 subcategories after carrying out secondary research using surveys, market studies, category-specific brand reports, market surveys, existing listings, rankings, research reports, and other available sources utilized to prepare the list of brands.
2nd Stage
A rigorous examination of a preliminary list of about 2000 brands is conducted, which rates these brands on a scale of 1 to 10 (where one is the lowest and ten is the highest) In this stage, whether a brand is more competitive than its peers or not is decided. Our research team came to this decision based on various parameters such as brand trust, brand image, brand identity, brand leadership, brand growth, brand innovation, brand equity, and brand value.
3rd Stage
Consumer choice is the base of this stage, as they can directly vote for the brand they use, trust and pay for. Those consumers from several Asian countries were asked to make their vote for Asia’s Best Brand of the Year Award. Customers can participate in this process by conducting the consumer survey Berkshire Media, USA, conducted.

This process will collect 1,48,265 votes, and the 500 leading brands will be categorized into 82 industry segments. The nationwide and global presence of the brand, along with the USP, is estimated by considering the trust rating by the customers. The survey covers the quality, features, pricing, discounts, after-sale service, reputation, and other factors.
4th Stage
In this industry expert assessment stage, the Berkshire Media research team shortlists a list of 500 brands. These shortlisted brands will be sent to a panel of eminent jury members and rated on a scale of 1 to 10. (The jury panel consists of top renowned corporate leaders from various areas of expertise including, but not limited to, Business, Finance, Advertising, Media, International Business, and an International Global Relations expert advisor.)
Final Stage

After the detailed scrutinizing of cumulative scores by the jury, the editorial team and consumer votes were received, we release the final list of Asia’s best Brands of the Year.
• 20% weightage was given to the Berkshire Media research team evaluation.
• 30% weightage was given to the jury rating and assessment.
• 50% weightage was given to consumer votes via survey.

Analysis: Final winners of “Asia’s Best Brand of the Year Awards” are confirmed by considering the cumulative score of the Berkshire Media team, Jury members, and consumer votes.

Nominations Open

This golden opportunity is open for those brands who believe to be outperforming their competitors and are on the way to making a difference in the community and its people at large. If you think your brand has these distinct qualities, get into the race to become one of Asia’s best Brands of the Year.

Real strategic brains striving continuously to achieve glorifying results are recognized and honored through this award. Moreover, make these zealous brands role models to motivate others to pursue their path of business excellence.

Despite being any manufacturing, service, or related sector, if you believe your brand has amplified excellence and is best in class, you are much invited for self-nomination. Nominating an exceptionally performing global brand, you are familiar with will be much helpful in pinpointing the most deserving winner.

Berkshire Media Team/jury Concilium initially screens the nominated brands regarding their suitability and eligibility. Those successfully selected in this screening process will be included in the further survey and evaluation process.

The nomination is free of cost. Please note that your nominee’s inclusion is not guaranteed after completing these nomination forms. The selection/inclusion is subject to meeting specific criteria consistent with the mission, objectives, and policies of the Berkshire Media Concilium. The information provided in the application form is also subject to editing to comply with the appropriate style, accuracy, or other reasons.




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